Twin Doves

In recent years, the Swedish / Congolese artists and writers who go by the name of Twin Doves Have continued to divert nomadic character in their music. Thanks to their varied pop ability with the Congolese root. By spreading the joy and building bridges between different cultures, each chapter in their music has so far tended to strengthen and develop causes that are close to the sisters' hearts. Having already scaled a deep and non-profit journey through its commitment to working with children and young people. 2023 sees the Sundbyberg-based abilities turn their inspiration back to their Congolese roots with the singel. "Changer", a celebration of self-confidence, inclusion and the cheerful artistic freedom of the cheerful twin sisters that captures the hearts of fans' world wide.

Book release
Mafuta & Simba behind the great Baobab tree

The book depicts our relationship and us with mother and grandmother. Grandma is depicted in the form of Simba, a guiding star that shows us the way to happiness. Mother is portrayed in the form of the baobab tree and is our role model, a strong single woman who against all odds fights to save her children from poverty and misery. Our journey is depicted in the form of climbing the baobab tree, which is the world's largest tree. We are constantly, encouraged by our grandmother Simba, to dare to take risks and not to be afraid that things will go wrong. To be brave, strong and never give up.

The second book is on the way, will be available this year.


Lecture tour 2021

Right now the author of the book Rosy and Magaly Mafuta are out reading our children's book aloud in schools, library, associations and at various cultural events.
We offer a deep lecture and presentation about ourself and our background. Question time, reading comprehension, reflection of the book and book signing. 
Book us today. This is more than just storytelling! Contact:

Culture matters for all children, girls in Sundbyberg Sweden

Stockholm culture prize award 2016 

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Twin doves are available for tour 2021! You are welcome to contact our management team for booking.